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Tom’s FatFab 1000R Twin Turbo GT350

When Tom B. purchased his Shelby GT350 he immediately began looking for a shop to put twin turbos on his car. After searching through several mustang forums, Tom came across a thread featuring our customer Tony Janko’s TwinTurbo GT350. After reaching out to Tony about his experience here at Fathouse Fabrications he made up his mind and placed his GT350 on a carrier. A few days later it showed up in Martinsville, Indiana to receive the Fathouse Fab treatment. Tom decided to go with the Fat Fab 1000R Twin Turbo Package with Garrett Gen2 GTX dual ball bearing turbochargers with our custom billet oil drains. The full contents of the package can be found HERE.

Mounting the turbos underneath the car helps maintain the cars center of gravity and allows us to utilize the factory closed loop wideband system. This is important as it maintains the factory fail-safes and fuel correction capabilities. All of this is done running on the factory ECU, although we have some aftermarket ECU options in the works for even more powerful builds! From the turbos back, Jeremy welds everything beautifully with all stainless welds being 100% back purged for strength and flow. The turbos are wrapped in titanium turbo blankets to help keep everything cool.

At the front of the car, the intercooler and piping is tucked away nicely behind the factory bumper supports without any modification other than some slight trimming of the plastics.

With the bumper placed back on the car the intercooler peeks out behind the factory grille in a subtle fashion.

Under the hood the GT350 still maintains its original factory appearance with the only change being the intercooler pipe taking place of the factory cold air intake which allows room for our FatFab S550 Race Style Catch Can kit. We also add a serial numbered build plaque to each car that receives one of our twin turbo packages.

With the twin turbo kit installed, it was time to put Tom’s GT350 on the dyno with our tuner Corbin Johnson from Johnson Tuning. On Ignite Racing e85 and 12.5 pounds of boost Tom’s car made an impressive 1033 RWHP. With the e85 tune dialed in, it was time to put Ignite Red in the car and see what it was really capable of. With Ignite Red and 14 psi Tom’s car picked up an additional 100+ RWHP and made a ground shaking 1143 RWHP! This made Tom’s GT350 the highest horsepower GT350 with a factory longblock. The only modifications to the car were billet oil pump gears and crank sprocket which are included in the 1000R package.

** The dyno video can be found at the bottom of the page. **

With the dyno tuning finished up, we took the car out to do a photoshoot for Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine with our in house photographer. Click HERE to see the online version of the magazine feature with a full gallery of photos.

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