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Another 800+hp EVO about to hit the streets!

Our long time customer and friend Josh brought his Evo 8 to Fathouse Fabrications wanting to make a lot of Jam and keep the car clean and retain A/C.  Basically he wanted to go fast with class!  So we planned out his build, from the FatFab signature series 2.0 liter engine to the Precision Turbo 6466 Turbo Kit, with custom hood dumped wastegate.  Tial MV-R and Q Blow Off Valve keep boost in check.   Josh wanted all the goodies to go along with his build so he opted for the FatFab "Race Core" front mount intercooler which features the 4.5" Garrett Core and our custom end tanks as well as a FatFab Catchcan, Intake Pipe and a Magnus Cast Intake Manifold.  The cams are GSC S2's, FIC 2150 injectors and the car is currently being tuned on E85.

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