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Kyle's 800hp Evo8

Kyle brought his car to us looking for a high hp street machine that would retain all the creature comforts of power steering, heat, ac, stereo, leather seats etc.  We sat down with him and discussed his power goals and settled on the Fathouse Fabrications signature series 2.0 liter engine build as well as ported head and oversized valves.  Precision Turbo Billet 6466 hangs off the Fathouse Fabrications manifold.  Tial products are used throughout as they are with every build here at Fathouse Fabrications.  We fabbed him up one of our 4.5" Race Intercoolers using the famous Garrett core. Some of the other mods on Kyles car are; Spoolin up Ignition Coils Quarter Master 8 Leg Twin Disc Shep Trans GSC S3 Cams Kiggly Racing Valve Springs FatFab Catch Can FatFab Battery Tray Full 3" Exhaust   After Fathouse got the tune dialed in we ran it through VDR and came up with an impressive 884 whp![gallery link="file" ids="|"] We plan to get the car to the track soon so keep an eye out for some track numbers!    

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