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Larry's 04 Cobra TT Kit - Boost Unleashed!

Larry is a long time friend we have been trying to convert to the dark side (Turbo's) for many years.  His 2004 Mustang Cobra is Pristine and has been into the 9's with his Kenny Bell Supercharger setup.  Larry works on his own car, races it hard and takes great care of it.  We were honored to be able to work on the car when he finally chose to build a twin turbo setup. Many, Many hours went into building this custom one off kit from the ground up.  We sat down with Larry and discussed his goals for the car and what he wanted out of his custom FatFab turbo kit.  We decided to go with the Precision 6266 turbos, Tial MVR Wastegates, LARGE custom intercooler as well as a few other custom items to finish out the kit.  We wanted to make 4 digit power and have room to grown in the future! This kit was the most challenging kit for us thus far.  The manifolds themselves required very tight bends to clear everything under the hood and lay out the way Jeremy wanted the kit.  He got it done though and the kit came out fantastic!  Here are some pictures.. IMG_4482 (Large) IMG_4486 (Large) IMG_4497 (Large) IMG_4498 (Large) IMG_4510 (Large) IMG_4521 (Large) IMG_4528 (Large) IMG_4533 (Large) IMG_4538 (Large) IMG_4540 (Large) IMG_4545 (Large) Larry Tagged IMG_4456 (Large)   The kit was finished so all we needed to do was get it installed and tuned!  Larry picked up the car and took her home to finish up all the ods and ends and get it ready for his tuning appointment.   Bob Kurgan of Kurgan Motorsports flew in to dyno tune the car on our Dynojet.  After a few pulls the car was setup and ready to start making power.  Each pound of boost was picking up big numbers as we added more boost Larry was approaching the limits of both is fuel system and his engine internals.  Bob loaded in a final tune and spun the rollers to 1035 horsepower to the rear wheels!  Larry was happy and so were we!  1st Goal Reached! Dyno Pull. http://youtu.be/P0kU5gt_8M4 Quick test drive in Mexico! http://youtu.be/VWHvrBYTu38

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