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Mike's GTR Drag Cage

Mike brought us his 8 second GTR for some safety upgrades.  When you go this fast you want to be safe and legal.  Mike's car is also a street car so he wanted it tucked tightly and be as hidden as possible.  We set out with a goal of making this the nicest cage we have ever done. First we have to take it all apart. 20160121_165019 20160121_165035 Once we get all the interior out of the way we can see what we are working with and the fun begins.  We start laying out floor plates, the main hoop, forward and rearward bars. 20160202_153227 20160202_193804 Custom removable parachute mount 20160204_181801 Once everything is welded its time to paint it all 20160216_160649 All the interior was carefully fitted back in the car, chassis was given an 8.50 cert and all the final touches were put on. GTR Driver Side AngleGTR Front GTR Fwd Bar GTR Headliner GTR Outside1 GTR Outside3 Parachute tether and mounted Simpson Hijacker Chute GTR Trunk GTR Stopping Your Ass Cage#15 FatFab Tag

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