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FatFab Subaru Front Mount Intercooler Install

Manuel brought his 2015 Subaru STI in for a flex fuel tune and decided to upgrade to our front mount intercooler kit. Follow along as we show you the steps to install this kit on your own car. manuels-2015-sti Anytime you work on your vehicle we recommend disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery.  In this installation process, it may benefit you to remove the battery altogether.  To begin the installation you will need to remove the front bumper. Once you have the bumper removed, you will remove the factory crash beam. We offer an optional replacement tubular bumper bar to replace this piece, make sure to add it to your cart before checkout. Now install the intercooler using the supplied hardware. subaru-fmic-kit-hardware andy-installing-fmic The intercooler kit is comprised of the piping pictured below. sti-intercooler-piping-768x512 The kit includes 4 ply silicone couplers and hi-tq clamps coupler-and-clamps Now its time to start installing the intercooler piping. The Subaru STI requires very precise fitting pipes to clear all the factory components.  Install everything loosely and slowly tighten until everything fits nicely. Begin by installing the inlet and outlet pipes that connect to the intercooler.  Both the driver side and passenger side pipes need to be tucked as close as possible to the body to allow clearance for your fog lights.  The fog light area needs to be trimmed to clear these pipes (we will show you where to trim later). johnny-installing-driver-side-lower-pipe When installing the passenger side lower pipe pull the wiring harness out of the way to allow the pipe to fit tightly against the body.  There is a small plastic clip that holds the wiring harness in place, squeeze the back of the clip and pull it out from the body, secure away from the piping with a zip tie. pass-side-pipe-fitment On the driver side, you will need to relocate the windshield washer reservoir neck to make room for the new intercooler piping. Simply remove the factory clip that holds the neck to the core support. john-removing-washer-neck-clip Once the filler neck is loose install the driver-side mid pipe. johnny-installing-driver-side-mid-pipe It's a very tight fit. driver-side-pipe-fitment Now attach the reservoir neck to the battery hold down with the supplied M6 nut. john-relocating-washer-reservior-neck The driver side upper pipe snakes around the oil fill cap and attaches to the throttle body using the supplied transition coupler. john-installing-driver-side-upper-pipe The Johnson Tuning speed density kit will install in this driver side upper pipe.  The speed density harness plugs into your factory MAF plug and the IAT sensor screws into the bung on the intercooler pipe.  This part is optional when purchasing the kit, but you may use your own speed density kit as well. iag-harness The passenger side upper pipe is designed to fit perfectly with the Cobb SF Intake and Air Box.  We trim the coolant reservoir hose a little shorter so the pipe fits better but it is not necessary.  This pipe will connect to your turbocharger with the silicone 90 coupler. andy-installing-pass-side-upper-pipe You can see the coolant line laying against the piping in this picture. andy-installing-cobb-intake andy-installing-cobb-intake-box Here the coolant line has been trimmed shorter so that it fits better. cobb-air-box-fitment2 Once all the pipes are installed begin tightening up the hi-tq clamps and adjust the piping as necessary to fit properly.   Once you have everything installed it should look like this. full-engine-bay-done driver-side-upper-pipe-fitment cobb-air-box-fitment If you purchased one of our optional bumper bars your intercooler and bumper bar should look like this. intercooler-installed On some cars, we have had to slightly trim the undertray to clear the intercooler. Before you reinstall your bumper trim the fog light area similar to what's shown below.  Due to manufacturing tolerances, some vehicles may need more or less trimming but this is a good start.  Also if you find your bumper still not fitting you may need to adjust your pipes slightly to allow for more room, remember get them as close to the body of the car as you can. pass-side-foglight-tirm driver-side-foglight-trimming Professional installation is available with the purchase of our kit, email us sales@fathousefab.com to get a quote. This completes your installation, you will need to have your Cobb Pro Tuner make adjustments to your tune for the new intercooler and speed density setup.  If you do not have a tuner we would be happy to assist you with custom tuning through Johnson Tuning. You can purchase the FatFab FMIC kit and all other components that go with it HERE

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