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Ben's Turbo Coyote hits the track

This year we made some changes to the car and posted some dyno results, you can read that post HERE. Every fall we rent out Lucas Oil Raceway for some testing.  Follow along with us as we make our first passes on the new setup. It was a perfect day for racing and we were set to break some records.  After a few test hits getting the launch dialed in, suspension setup and adjusting the tune we were ready for a full pass.   On the first full pass we came out soft then spun after the launch. On the next pass we got a little too aggressive on the clutch trying to keep the car from spinning.  This resulted in the clutch getting too hot.  You can hear it in this video. We decided to let the car cool down and make another pass.  This was our best pass to date, and secured the record for the Fastest stick shift Coyote Mustang! Film Credit to Zack McCrory After this pass we did attempt one more and damaged both the clutch and transmission.  Currently we are working with RPM Transmissions to upgrade to their Level 5 Magnum as well as upgrading the clutch.  We came very close to our goal of being the first Coyote powered stick shift Mustang to an 8 second 1/4 mile time and we will achieve that goal in 2017.

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