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Chris's 2014 Stage 5 WRX Build

Chris brought us his 2014 Subaru WRX in search of a reliable and powerful street car that handles well, goes fast and stops quick. We worked on a build sheet that consisted of what we consider to be the perfect recipe for the Ultimate street driven Subaru package. First things first, we called our friends at IAG Performance.  They set us up with one of their Stage 2 Tuff engines which is rated for 675 crank horsepower.   With the heads refreshed we began assembling the long block.  We assembled as much of the engine as possible before installing it back into the car.  All of the accessories, covers, wiring harness, intake, tgv deletes, intake manifold, injectors, header, up pipe and turbo get installed before we drop it in. Here you get a good look at our FatFab Billet Header with the engine on the stand.     Andrew positions the engine as it settles in its final resting place.       For Chris's build we chose a South Bend Stage 3 Endurance clutch, this is our favorite street clutch for 600hp or less cars.  It has a firm pedal feel but it's just right and it handles the power.  Each clutch install gets a new OEM flywheel and flywheel bolts as well.  The extra mass of the OEM flywheel helps with driveability.     You can also see the larger 10cm hotside of the Boost Controlled Performance X500+ where it mates up to the FatFab EWG Up Pipe.  Notice the extra bracing around the wastegate merge, we do that to insure trouble free enjoyment of our EWG Up Pipe, this part also carries a lifetime warranty to the original owner!     We retained the factory 5 speed transmission and installed some Moore Performance Blast Plates to strengthen the transmission case.     Next we installed a full Invidia downpipe and Q300 catback.  This is our favorite exhaust system, it has a nice deep tone, no excessive drone and it fits great.     Another shot of the FatFab 321 Billet Header     For this car we made a FMIC kit using the intercooler from our 2015+ FMIC Kit flipped upside down with custom mounting brackets.     Then we fabbed custom pipes and powder coated them with a light texture black for that factory appearance.  All the piping fits great and clears the Cobb SF Intake with the cold air box.     Here you can see the IAG Performance AOS installed as well as the top hat of the Feal Coilovers     All this horsepower is great, but not if you can't stop after a spirited run!  The factory WRX brakes leave a lot on the table, and we knew an upgrade was going to be necessary.  Chris chose Stoptech front and rear brake upgrades.  Here you can see how much of a difference they are over factory.     They look great installed too!     Now that we have everything installed and the engine break in procedure completed it's time to strap her down on the dyno.     While rolling the car out on the dyno we noticed just how nice these Stoptech calipers look through a spinning wheel.     We have installed numerous BCP X500 turbos, however most of them are on the stock engine which limits the power and how quick we can bring the power in.  On this build we were able to lean on it and get the most out of this setup.  At 24psi on straight 93 octane pump gas we were able to pull 483 whp out of it!!  Once we put some E85 in the tank we turned it up to 26psi and ended up with... well you'll just have to watch the video.                

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