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The Quest for 8's is OVER

The quest for 8's has been quite the journey for our team here at Fathouse Fab. We finished out the 2017 race season battling clutch issues, but still managed to make a 9.02 ET pass at 157 mph.  That secured our title for Fastest Stick-shift Coyote Mustang out there, but that wasn’t enough!  Our team wanted to set the bar even higher by being the first stick-shift Coyote Mustang in the 8’s, period. Over the winter we made some changes to the car including a Mantic Triple Disc clutch, side exit exhaust, and a Kirkey racing seat.  With these changes, and hopes of finally making an 8 second pass, we were anxious to kick off the 2018 race season, starting with Street Car Takeover (SCT) in Bradenton, Fl. With SCT just a few weeks away and Indiana weather not allowing for street time, Ben tossed his car on the dyno to break in the new clutch and make a few dyno pulls.  The car made a staggering 1235 rwhp and 1152 rwtq on 25 PSI, and the clutch held!  The car was officially ready to make its’ journey to Bradenton.  After a long 16 hour drive we were excited to get to the track. Just a few miles from the race track, we pulled Ben's Mustang out of the trailer so that he could get a little bit of street time on the new clutch.  Of course we had to get some pictures of the "Street Car" on the way.  The clutch seemed to be holding the power much better than the previous setup, but it was taking a little bit of time to adjust to the abrupt engagement.  Ben made some passes on low boost settings to get back in the feel of things. After a few runs on low boost he was ready to turn it up!  After struggling to get the car to come out smoothly we began raising the launch RPM to build more boost.  One of the limitations we face running the factory PCM is that we do not have anti-lag or launch control to help build boost on the line.  By raising the launch RPM, we were now building more boost on the line and the first attempt to launch the car resulted in a broken driveshaft right at the line! A few weeks later Drive Shaft Shop actually warrantied that aluminum driveshaft, we were impressed! At the time things were looking grim for us, but then a call came through about an available driveshaft just 35 minutes from the track!  Ben and Jeremy headed off to pick up the driveshaft while Andy put the car on jack stands and began to remove the broken driveshaft.  With the sun dropping quickly, the team was in a rush against the clock to get some more passes in. The crew was already too late to participate in the stick-shift eliminations class, but they still had a chance to get that 8 second pass they had dreamed about. With Andy installing the new driveshaft in record time, Ben headed back to the staging lanes.  On the first pass the car bogged off the start and resulted in a low 9 second pass at over 160mph.  The car felt strong at the big end so, we went right back up to the line to make another pass.  The car bogged again but came out a little smoother, so Ben was able to run the pass out.  Finally, the curse had been lifted!  Stay tuned for bigger and better things in the 2018 race season.  See you at the track!

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