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8 Second Stick Shift Coyote Mustang Bounty

Who will be the first to the 8’s!!


Current Bounty = $500

MGW Contengency $500 – Winner must use MGW shifter.


Stick shift racing is alive and well and the competition to be the 1st to run 8’s is growing.  Being stick shift racers at heart we have decided to offer up a bounty for the first stick shift Coyote Mustang to run 8’s in the 1/4 mile.


Here are the only rules.

  • 2011+ Coyote Powered Mustang
  • Manual trans (Example, Magnum XL, T56, TR6060, MT82)  Can be straight cut gears
  • Must use a clutch and be H-pattern shifted
  • Any power adder allowed
  • Any tire allowed
  • Must be documented on video and have proof of time slip


Email Ben@fathousefab.com if you would like to become a sponsor.

Sponsor Levels

Bronze $250

Silver $500

Gold $750

Platinum $1000