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GLS Fab Weld Cups



These are our preferred gas lense tig cups.  They are made of PTFE Teflon so you can drop them and they never break like ceramic or glass cups do.  They are very affordable and provide great gas coverage.   GLS Fab tig cups Feature sizes GLS 12 - Currently out of stock GLS 16 GLS 20 GLS cups screw onto 9/20 style gas lense. They can be used on a 17 style torch with a stubby gas lense kit. Our cups are made of virgin Teflon (Ptfe) for durability. Reccomendations: -designed for 3/32 tungsten -25-35 CFH argon (Possibly higher for the 20) -minimum tungsten stickout of 3/4 inch -DC current usage only - do not touch cup to hot surfaces -150 amps max Ptfe can off gas potentially harmful gasses when heated above 575 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not use above recommended amperage rating. If in the event that the cup becomes heated over 575 deg Fahrenheit stop using and let it cool before returning to welding.

  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4L x 6W x 1H in

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