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S550 Skeleton Light Weight Battery Tray & Catch Can Combo



Our new light weight battery oil catch can combo provides two important modifications in one package. A small lightweight battery to save weight (12-15lbs) and a race style oil catch can to keep the oil vapors and residue out of your engine. Our cnc aluminum bracket mounts in place of the original battery mounting tray with the supplied hardware. Once you have that installed you can mount your new FatFab oil catch can to the plate. Comes with Lightweight AGM Power Sports Battery. Power Sports AGM Battery ETX18L (18 LBS) 340 CCA & 20 Ah 1 Year Replacement Warranty Dimensions (in): 8.12 x 3.56 x 6.37 **Some big horsepower cars may require an additional 12AN vent fitting, you can add that from the options list. To complete your order you can also add our line and fitting kit (Assembly Required). Kit Includes: 

  • Pushlock hose or braided hose.
  • 12AN vent fitting and hose
  • Four 10AN pushlock or hose end fittings for connecting to the catch can and valve cover

    ***If your car will be sitting for days at a time we strongly recommend keeping it on a battery tender especially in colder climates.  You can add a battery tender to your order or supply your own.***

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  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12L x 12W x 14H in

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