Shelby GT350 800R Twin Turbo Package.

Makes over 750 wheel horsepower!

Our Shelby GT350 twin turbo package starts and ends with the highest level of attention to detail.  From the moment your car is dropped off it’s under the special care of our meticulous technicians.  Each car gets protective film placed over the paint where we will be working.  Protective floor mats, seat covers and car covers are used when the car is not being worked on.  The twin turbo system adds usable power throughout the RPM range.  You will notice huge gains in performance above 5k rpms, but the power under the curve with drastically increase as well.  What this means is when you are driving around part throttle and accelerating through traffic you will notice the car has increases response and power in those areas as well.  The overall driving experience is increased not just high rpm performance!


  • 750 whp on 93 Oct
  • Capable of 10 second 1/4 mile times


  • Hand built stainless steel turbo headers with 304 billet stainless steel collectors
  • Precision tig welding throughout
  • Xona Rotor dual ball bearing turbochargers
  • DEI Titanium turbo blankets
  • TSS Billet Oil Pump Gears
  • Professional installation
  • Custom dyno tuning
  • Tial MVS wastegates
  • Tial Q blow off valve
  • 4.5″ Thick Intercooler (symmetrical design)
  • Coated intercooler piping (zero ground clearance loss)
  • Custom air filters
  • Purpose built scavenge system
  • Catch can system with lines and fittings
  • Fuel system upgrade
  • Dyno charts
  • Professional video and photos of your build



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